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BIM POS provides tailored possibilities that help make your business a more desirable station for both staff and customers. Our personalized systems ensure efficiency and save your business time, all while allowing you to generate greater revenue.


Don't be outdated. Follow the trend and give your customers a Food Ordering App that allows them to search for their favorite products, order and track; as easy as 1-2-3. This customized food ordering app will be tailored to your restaurant's style and integrated with your POS system. Unlike other ready-made apps, Your app will make it seamless on your restaurant's staff as orders will be punched automatically in the POS and dispatched in your kitchen's printers and processed without having to do an extra step. Your restaurant's app will not need any maintenance or data entry whatsoever because clients are automatically created or shown on the app, Menu items are automatically shown in the app and prices will be updated as you go. Keep your operation untouched and yield extra revenues from the online world without third party integrations or double entry tasks.

If you're not present online, this customized app will allow you to become one with all the features you offer your customers from Delivery, tracking, Reviews, Gallery, Loyalty, Offers & Discounts and much more.



Also known as the Kitchen Monitoring System or Kitchen Display System, BIM KMS allows you to keep your kitchen counter clear of order papers, and saves you from having to sort through delivery tickets that need to be ordered. There is no longer any need for you to be lost in table HOLD/FIRE items. Our solution is the most efficient resolution to all your kitchen monitoring issues.

With BIM KMS (Kitchen Management Software), you can reduce time and cost while increasing your kitchen performance, all while protecting the environment and preserving surrounding and food hygiene.

BIM KMS also allows you to:

  • Display electronic orders on a touch screen instead of paper tickets
  • Get notified which orders to start preparing first
  • Dismiss prepared items and orders with a single touch
  • Reduce costs of pre-printed sticky labels and generate dynamic labels right from the POS with modified information like "no pickles" or "extra cheese"


BIM KMS ensures your kitchen is on track.



BIM TAG is a state-of-the-art application, designed namely for bakeries, supermarkets, and grocery stores, that generates dynamic labels of products which are sold by piece.

Acting as a smart generator, BIM TAG displays the set of items sold by piece on a screen. Vendors can produce barcodes stating all-important information about the sold products such as: description, quantity sold, final price (including taxes), production and expiry dates, ingredients, and much more.

This application is dynamic label generating software that is suitable for both bulk and individual items and allows you to do the following:

  • Label your products one by one with customized information
  • Generate dynamic barcodes for items that can be sold in dozens, pieces, or any other non-predefined unitary amount
  • Integrate seamlessly with the BIM KMS for live labeling produced items such as sandwiches and salads


The BIM CART is software designed in the form of an electronic shopping cart suitable for pastry and sweet shops.

It allows a salesperson to log in and store a customer's orders by item detail, on the spot, onto a reusable magnetic card. This magnetic card stores all information of an item for easier retrieval at the cashier later on, so as to minimize sales queues.

This software is a must for businesses that want to maintain speedy service with quick access to the detailed shopping information of a product.

Some of the many features of this electronic shopping cart include:

  • Using a magnetic card that can allow you to save and retrieve shopping orders with a swipe
  • Allowing service to be quick and organized, to avert holdups or mix-ups
  • Ensuring the traceability of all shopping information, to make tracking much easier
  • Providing secure shopping through a card that can hold unlimited items that are tracked to prevent theft


BIM POCKET provides your inventory management with the freedom and mobility that your business needs.

The BIM POCKET is the mobile application for PALM devices and pocket PC. It is designed with intuitive and smart screens that will ease inventory counting and price checking for your staff. It contains physical inventory counting software that allows you to keep track of, manage, and adjust your stock on the spot, ensuring all products are accounted for and nothing is wasted. It is easy to use and paves the way for faster inventory and stocking procedures. It also allows more stock turnover and zero slip-ups by being always up-to-date.


BIM POS provides a price checking software that customers of supermarkets and convenience stores have found very helpful.

The BIM Price Checker allows one to find out the price, or any other customized information, of a desired item, without referring to staff. This solution is useful in stores where customers need to be serviced more quickly. Now with the BIM Price Checker, this service is automatically available to any customer, with a simple barcode scan at one of the stands. The content that comes up when an item is scanned can be tailored to advertise or provide any information you wish to share, allowing the checking process to become a useful and informative experience for the customer.

With this application, stores can save time and money spent on returned items and sales staff. Customers are left with a fast and easy shopping experience that comes with better knowledge of their items, privacy, and comfortable decision making, thus guaranteeing you their loyalty.

Our story with BIM POS is very special. Their software is comprehensive, detailed, and decisive. It is easily customizable and can accommodate to our needs. Regardless of their wide and detailed software, when someone mentions BIM POS, the first thing that comes to mind is their customer service which is amazingly 24/7. Ever since I started working with them, I have never had a negative comment, it’s always positive. I keep saying over and over again, their family-like customer service is excellent and it had a real impact on Keyrouz Bakery.

Abir Keyrouz, Owner, Keyrouz Bakery

I had a system when we started our business which had a very awful service. I replaced it with BIM POS after a friend entrepreneur recommended me the software and the company. Their Back Office is powerful, the Reports are decisive, and their support is exceptional. The customization BIM POS provides helped me have distinctive edge over the competition. I give them 10/10!.

Jihad Zein - Owner, Bedivere


BIM POS Theft Proof Cash Drawer

A smart or intelligent cash drawer is a special hardware innovated and developed uniquely by technology experts to prevent employee theft in retail and quick service operations by 78%. The BIM POS Smart Cash Drawer detects manual and software drawer kicks with full reporting and beeping while providing insights about false openings and doubtful activities whether made by the point of sale software or manual openings.

Order Tracking Tool for Delivery Customers

BIM POS Webtrack provides your delivery customers with a tool to track their orders from the onset of their order till preparation and delivery without the need of any app installation. The app-less feature will let your customers track their orders by an SMS sent from the restaurant to the customer's mobile. Customers can whatsapp, call their driver, see their orders, loyalty points and order details as well as the driver's route on the map and rate the overall experience. Live tracking of the order is a great advantage for clients to see the process of their order live. Webtrack allows customers to contact the restaurant, see their offers, and download their latest digital menu as well.

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