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BIM POS ensures that not only your internal management is on track, but also all related services including delivery and customer communication. With this array of features, hospitality businesses can keep a close eye on their orders going in and out, ensuring service and efficiency are at their maximum potential.



This delivery dispatching module allows you to measure your kitchen and drivers' efficiency and manage the delivery operations to provide the best delivery experience to your customers.

BIM Dispatcher gives you control on the kitchen and delivery workforce. It is a proven order dispatching module, integrated with the POS Call Center and Webtrack systems to provide a wide variety of features related to the delivery service, maximizing a staff's performance.


  • Assesses the effectiveness of your kitchen staff and delivery drivers' service
  • Increases delivery efficiency and service by controlling employee routes and attendance information
  • Provides manual login, a magnetic card, and intelligent finger touch recognition for fast access of drivers
  • Dispatches delivery orders directly to drivers and manages their route
  • Cashes out drivers and supervises their performance


The BIM POS Call Center is a delivery service consolidator which gathers delivery service data of all your outlets into one place, reducing staff and enhancing service.

The call center feature enables you to merge delivery orders through franchises and branches with automated delivery zoning and kitchen printing systems. It provides access to a real-time system, managing delivery requests through easy user screens and advanced customer functionality.

A few of the prime features of the Call Center include:

  • Orders going straight to the kitchen of the concerned outlet
  • Stopping and receiving orders of a specific outlet with redirection to the nearest outlet when required
  • Keeping track of your customers' entire purchasing history, trends, and information while scrutinizing their sales, points gathered, and preferences
  • Integrating with multi-line Caller ID and phone systems
  • Logging and tracking customers' complaints
  • Providing and up-keeping of loyalty programs
  • Recording and catering to client preferences, with an upselling option
  • Easily defining minimum orders and delivery charges to be added to a bill automatically upon check request, customized per outlet, order type, or location
  • Tracking orders automatically upon their placement


A member management module, par excellence, this feature oversees the whole operations of cash clients or credit members. It gives clients the privilege to customize price lists, setup order templates, and schedule orders by member type or event.

Among the many benefits of this feature, a few are:

  • Quotation preparation for clients that can be directly generated into an invoice
  • Setup of unlimited price groups for clients
  • Creation of sales orders for special catering events
  • Scheduling of orders for later delivery
  • Processing multiple payments and deposits
  • WHOLESALE AND CATERING A member management module, par excellence, this feature oversees the whole operations of cash clients or credit members. It gives clients the privilege to customize price lists, setup order templates, and schedule orders by member


With Webtrack, now you can provide your customers the option of live tracking on all their delivery orders.

With this order tracking software, your clients can rest assured their orders are on their way and they can follow up with them. The system will send a link through SMS that allows your customers to track their delivery upon placing an order or when it leaves your shop, up until it arrives at their doorstep.

Comfort your customers, and provide a more personalized feature on their delivery orders by using this simple software that does not require an app to download.

We're in the restaurant business since 2003. We chose BIM POS for many reasons: The software is very easy to manage our branches and it is decisive to help us anticipate into our daily business challenges. The Support team is professional, their service is prompt and round the clock. I Recommend all Restaurants to implement BIM POS.

A. Zakhia - Dar El Beik

We are impressed with the ability of BIM POS to cater to all our business needs and provide us with the most adequate reports to efficiently manage our wide range of businesses. What impressed us the most is the outstanding BIM POS customer service. We are very pleased with the quality of services and products delivered by their friendly and very professional team. It all started 9 years ago, and today, we thank you, BIMPOS, and look forward to growing more solidly together.

F. Madhoun, Owner - M&M investment, 27 Cafe Pub, Eden Bar, Ceramics n more, Casa della Pizza, Lunch Bag

Our story with BIM POS is very special. Their software is comprehensive, detailed, and decisive. It is easily customizable and can accommodate to our needs. Regardless of their wide and detailed software, when someone mentions BIM POS, the first thing that comes to mind is their customer service which is amazingly 24/7. Ever since I started working with them, I have never had a negative comment, it’s always positive. I keep saying over and over again, their family-like customer service is excellent and it had a real impact on Keyrouz Bakery.

Abir Keyrouz, Owner, Keyrouz Bakery

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