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Freedom, mobility, and time efficiency are key factors in creating a modern and satisfying customer experience. With BIM POS, your business can be equipped with advanced and easy-to-use technology that can amplify your staff's productivity and allow them the time and attention they need to provide a more personalized service.



The BIM PAD is a handheld order-taking tool for hospitality businesses that want to upgrade their waiters' service and efficiency.

With this software, you can take your ordering system from the old fashioned pen and paper to a more computerized experience that is time efficient. BIM PAD equips your waiters with a practical tool that sends your customers' orders straight to the kitchen and spares you the hassle of paper waste and busy hours. Operating through IPads/Mini, in real-time sync mode, this smart system intuitively ensures your customers' supreme satisfaction.

BIM PAD provides:

  • Same easy-to-use user interface as the POS
  • BIM PAD The BIM PAD is a handheld order-taking tool for hospitality businesses that want to upgrade their waiters' service and efficiency. With this software, you can take your ordering system from the old fashion pen and paper to a more computerized ex
  • More up-selling opportunities and fewer slip-ups
  • Enhancement to a waiters' contact with customers and allows you to better serve them
  • Splitting checks in an easy and flexible way, enabling fast seat order recognition
  • Color-coding of tables, enabling reception hosts, waitstaff, and managers to maximize the table service revenue


The BIM Hoster is a smart table reservation system that caters to the key ingredient of a successful hospitality business: customer satisfaction.

Stimulate and speed up your hosting service efficiency with a fast customer seating experience tailored for your business.

The BIM Hoster:

  • Is suitable for the waitstaff at wedding venues and restaurants, as well as large nightclubs and deluxe pubs
  • Fully manages customers' reservations on tablets, with real-time sync, through the POS stations on-site
  • Reserves tables in advance and manages them by printing the reservation book ahead of time
  • Draws customized floor maps and sections of your restaurant as displayed on the POS stations for a more convenient experience
  • Records customers' preferences for a reservation
  • Updates the number of customers and alerts waiters of newly seated tables to be served immediately through the BIM PAD
  • Identifies which customers ordered their checks and which are about to leave so that the valet parking clerks deliver customers' cars quickly


This flexible survey designer allows you to improve your services by prioritizing your customers' feedback.

BIM Flexsurv is the ultimate tool to make the best out of surveys and questionnaires, and use the gathered information for the betterment of your business. Flexsurv for iOS pads helps you design customized reviews for each business. It measures customers' satisfaction ratings and produces the proper analytical reports out of the polls from the BIM Back Office.

The benefits of BIM Flexsurv include:

  • Serving as a new creation replacing the old methods of receiving reviews and opinions on hardcopies that cannot be efficiently stored and automatically processed
  • Targeting your marketing efforts based on accurate customer data, including preference and detailed purchase histories
  • Saving costs for similar tools with combined data, while integrated into the same POS data server
  • Customizing and tailoring your business' questionnaires and surveys on the go


CarteFolie is a loyalty program that allows businesses to reward their customers, in a quick and easy process.

Through BIM POS, your business can set up a loyalty program that is carefully tailored to your preferences and caters to your unique customers. Instead of wasting time with cards that record customer points, simply access the client's information with a tap of a mobile screen.

The CarteFolie application, in partnership with BIM POS, makes your reward system easier by:

  • Recording and tracking points online with a click of a button, accessed by both staff and customers
  • Suggesting your CarteFolie program to random consumers through the application, bringing you new customers
  • Repaying your customers with unique reward ideas and trustworthy monitoring of their points, ensuring they feel valued


CarteFolie believes in the effective marketing tool of loyalty programs. With this belief they ensure customer satisfaction, which yields a growth of clientele, and that in turn boosts your name in the business. Through BIM POS, you can access CarteFolie's programs and enhance the quality of your reward system.


With Webtrack, now you can provide your customers the option of live tracking on all their delivery orders.

With this order tracking software, your clients can rest assured their orders are on their way and they can follow up with them. The system will send a link through SMS that allows your customers to track their delivery upon placing an order or when it leaves your shop, up until it arrives at their doorstep.

Comfort your customers, and provide a more personalized feature on their delivery orders by using this simple software that does not require an app to download.

What can I say about BIM POS? Mmmm. I chose them out of 10 other companies. They were startups 10 years ago and today they are one of the leaders in the market. Their products are very reliable and robust. I don't remember we ever had a problem in our business that made me lose control. Their support was and is still amazing. They always innovate and drive by their new features. Great team and Company!

Sebastien Soubra - General Manager, Pacifico

I have implemented BIM POS long time ago and I totally recommend them. Mobility in our business has improved the customer service in our restaurant. BIM POS Masterdine is intuitive and the support is prompt. The team is professional and available 24 hours a day 7 hours a week. Thumbs up!

Sibylle Sho, Managing Partner, Cafe Sho


slim and rugged Windows Tablet

The VariPad W Series, a hybrid POS / IPC Solution designed to increase mobility in your establishment, as well as enhance the customer experience. The W Series not only functions as a Mobile POS tablet, but also as a customer-facing 2nd display, fully supporting a wide range of peripherals to provide you with seemingly endless options in allowing you to optimize your customer service.

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