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How to prevent yourself from Ransomware?

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I’m sure you’ve all heard about the “wanna cry” ransom-ware virus, that’s attacking windows operating system, encrypting all the files on the PC, and asking victims to pay money to recover their data.Here are some tips to avoid this virus:
  • Avoid suspicious or unknown websites and don’t open email messages from unverified senders.
  • Never click on a link in an email message unless if you read the link and verify that the sender is certified. Before clicking on any link, just put the mouse over the link and read the website link that you will be redirected to.
  • when Linkedin, Hotmail, Facebook, Google send email to you, they will mention your full name in the email. don’t be fooled if the sender name is Linkedin or Google; their email addresses are different than the real emails. i.e: or
  • Backup your files on daily basis. This will lower the cost of attack
  • Disable windows SMB protocol:
Open control panel, turn windows features on or off, remove the check on SMB File sharing support and restart your PC.
Turning Windows Features on or off
Taking any of these steps reduces the opportunity of becoming a victim.
Stay Safe!

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