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Best for quick service and table service eateries and bars

Best for retail establishments such as clothing, footwear, and groceries

Inventory, purchasing, production, CRM, reporting...

Mobile Applications for faster, more convenient customer service

For management of all business, financial, and accounting matters

Delivery-related management tools, such as catering, call center, wholesale...

Customized solutions for special operations like labeling, cart shopping, auto-dispatching...

Linking & Managing businesses with multiple branches



Point-of-Sale Terminals


Kitchen Management Systems


Portable Mobile Terminals


Add-on hardware devices


Opening a Restaurant is easy but making it successful is not. Implement BIM POS from the onset of your operations to have full control over your business and to be able to grow and franchise your business.
Don't leave it to chance for you to succeed, Implement BIM POS Now!

BIM POS - Tomorrow's POS, Today!

Our story with BIM POS is very special. Their software is comprehensive, detailed, and decisive. It is easily customizable and can accommodate to our needs. Regardless of their wide and detailed software, when someone mentions BIM POS, the first thing that comes to mind is their customer service which is amazingly 24/7. Ever since I started working with them, I have never had a negative comment, it’s always positive. I keep saying over and over again, their family-like customer service is excellent and it had a real impact on Keyrouz Bakery.

Abir Keyrouz, Owner, Keyrouz Bakery

We're in the restaurant business since 2003. We chose BIM POS for many reasons: The software is very easy to manage our branches and it is decisive to help us anticipate into our daily business challenges. The Support team is professional, their service is prompt and round the clock. I Recommend all Restaurants to implement BIM POS.

A. Zakhia - Dar El Beik

LIU has collaborated with BIM POS to incorporate the hospitality management applications in the curricula of hospitality management schools as of Fall 2017. This collaboration is a first of its kind among other universities that will give a distinctive edge to students to complement their studies with know-how, practice, and results.

LIU Hospitality Management Schools

In any successful business, there are 3 components that need to be covered: People, processes, and systems. With BIM POS we tackle two of them with great ease. Their Back Office is very decisive, their POS easy-to-use, and their support is exceptional. Besides all of that, the company is innovative and lead the market with their top-wining features. I fully recommend!

Khuder Shamieh: Owner, Shawarma W Saj

We are impressed with the ability of BIM POS to cater to all our business needs and provide us with the most adequate reports to efficiently manage our wide range of businesses. What impressed us the most is the outstanding BIM POS customer service. We are very pleased with the quality of services and products delivered by their friendly and very professional team. It all started 9 years ago, and today, we thank you, BIMPOS, and look forward to growing more solidly together.

Ghassan Bou Habib - Wooden Bakery

Tim is new to the restaurant business. He opened a restaurant and he's there from early morning till late night doing everything himself. Gus chose BIM POS to manage his multi-chain outlet operation over 3 countries. Gus is a success story because he implemented BIM POS. Be like Gus!

BIM POS - Tomorrow's POS, Today!

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